Organize a retreat in your hotel

happy retreat

Facilitate a retreat 

Would you like to:

Differentiate yourself with an exclusive Retreat for your guests?

– Fill your rooms for a longer period?

Present the Happiness Retreat at your hotel


As an experienced retreat organizer I will take care of everything.

It will be an amazing time for your guests.

And extra income for you.

Why organize a retreat?

– For your current guests it will be a new experience.

– For you, a new and unique extra product to offer.

– Occupation during low season

– A new way to promote your hotel


– A ready to go marketing package.

– Information about what to put on your website.

– A roadmap with 5 steps to promote the retreat and make it ready to start.

– A personal hotel brochure for your guests to download.



As an extra bookable service I can do for you:

– Visibility on Instagram, Facebook Pinterest and Linkedin

– A mailing every week through a newsletter or blog

– Visibility by a short video once a month

So your guests can see and read what a great hotel you have.


Great experience for your guests

– Extra promotion and focus on your hotel

– Extra product and facility to offer your guests

– Extra income in low season 

– No hassle because I do the retreat for you

– Ready to go marketing plan

fantastic week

For whom is a Retreat?

For guests who want to get inspired by surroundings, other guests, good writing assignments, grow personnally, experience a trip that is different than other. 

To learn from eachother and experience a beautiful week by:

– Self awareness

– Discover own creativity

– Rediscovering fun

– Be surprised by the skills they have and forgot about

– Rediscover happiness

In a nutshell, a gorgeous week where your guests will be pampered and go home with innerpeace, happiness and a fullfilled state of mind. 

Erxperience of one of the previous retreat guests Ilse, 38 years:

‘It was a great retreat! I loved the nice conversations, the tasty food, the excursions and some me- time! To start the day with meditaion and sun salutaions was new for me but loved to do it. Thanks for the fantastic experience it was really wonderful!’

Let’s go!

Would you like to know more?

Let’s make an appointment and see what I can do for you.

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